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Jufima informática is a company with more than 20 years of experience dedicated to the maintenance and repair of computers and servers.

Our workshops and offices are in San Fernando de Henares, and we serve the entire community of Madrid.

We advise and offer our clients a maintenance adapted to their needs.

Our IT department has a qualified team with extensive experience in each of the fields.

With our technicians we can solve any need that the client has in his company.

técnicos de mantenimiento de ordenadores en Madrid

Computer maintenance for companies

Comprehensive computer assistance so that all your computers, servers and digital equipment are always in optimal performance.

We cover all areas of technology for offices and all types of businesses.

Our clients are SMEs, companies, freelancers and individuals.

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Free initial audit

Before starting to work with our clients, we carry out an initial audit free of charge where we carry out a study to improve their equipment. After this small audit, we indicate short, medium, and long-term recommendations, delving into the technological modernization of your business.

mantenimiento de ordenadores en Madrid

20 years assisting companies in Madrid

We have extensive experience in the field of computer and server maintenance. We provide technical and computer support to individuals and companies in a fast and personalized way. We resolve 80% of incidents by using secure remote connections. With the consequent savings and speed in the service provided.

We offer repair and maintenance of computers throughout the Community of Madrid, in computers, servers, printers, photocopiers and all kinds of computer and office elements.

Up to date with the latest technologies


The JUFIMA INFORMÁTICA team is constantly evolving, incorporating new technologies to adapt them to our clients.

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Reparación de ordenadores en Madrid

Why hire Jufima?

Speed ​​and efficiency at a low cost, since our technicians are highly qualified and resolve incidents quickly.

Our best presentation sheet is the time that our clients have been with us, the vast majority since the birth of our company, this is due to the humane and empathetic treatment of our technicians and the entire Jufima team.

Our IT services

Computer services

Prevention, backup copies, remote assistance, office automation, consumables, printing, digital whiteboards, consumables...

Computer maintenance

Personalized assistance to your network of computers and servers, with a free price audit

Computer maintenance for hours

Save with our face-to-face or remote assistance vouchers for hours.

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