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Computer assistance by hours

Computer maintenance is a necessity that our clients have been requesting more and more, given the bond of trust that is created to prevent and tackle any future incident. It is necessary to have the equipment at 100% in order to prevent breakdowns from being more expensive both in material and in the time of resolution of incidents.

At Jufima, we review both the Software and the Hardware, we inform the client of the defective parts and we replace them without practically interfering with daily work. Likewise, we create a security system in which we minimize the possible loss of data due to a breakdown, being able to restore it in a few hours, so that the client is working as soon as possible.

We have several contracts depending on the speed of response that the client demands and the volume of hours that are consumed. The contracts are for bonus hours, since we think that it is the most fair and economical for our clients.

In addition, all clients with maintenance have absolute priority in the event of a possible general emergency failure.

mantenimiento de ordenadores en Madrid

Computer maintenance contracts

Jufima computing has several hourly computer maintenance contracts to better suit your needs:

25 hours

with a maximum response time of 8 hours

25 hours

with a maximum response time of 4 hours

50 hours

with a maximum response time of 8 hours

50 hours

with a maximum response time of 4 hours

How does our hourly computer maintenance work?

contrato de mantenimiento informático por horas

When the client requests it, JUFIMA INFORMÁTICA will send a specialized technician to his work center, with the aim of keeping the computer equipment available to him in perfect working order. At first, an attempt will be made to perform the repair on the site itself. If this is not possible, the computer equipment to be repaired will be transferred to our premises for repair at no additional cost.

Whenever possible and always and if there is the possibility of remote connection, the technicians will carry out the repairs from the JUFIMA INFORMÁTICA facilities. In this way, repairs and computer maintenance can be done in less time and more comfortably.

If you want more details about our hourly maintenance service, please contact us.

Computer maintenance per month and position

We also offer a computer maintenance service per month and PC, with which you can be sure that a computer problem will not be a problem for your business:

servicio de mantenimiento de ordenadores por horas

€25/month per computer

If you are interested in our computer maintenance service per hour or in our computer maintenance service per month and PC, contact us.

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